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Who we are

With so many business management and performance improvement tools out there, including Six Sigma, Kaizen, Balanced Scorecard, and Lean, why isn’t your business achieving the results you want? The DeNovo Group provides the strategic framework and enterprise-wide innovation that these methods lack, helping to turn your business around, paving the way for measurable growth and significant cost savings.

A certified woman-owned business, DeNovo has been credited with enabling organizational turnaround using our very own Results Focused Management (RFM™) methods. RFM™ takes process to the next level, incorporating strategy, results, metrics, and the ever-elusive how to integrate changes.

At DeNovo, we are not only thought leaders who pioneer concepts in organizational innovation but also leaders in the actual practice of transforming businesses. We incorporate end-to-end process redesign, enterprise growth strategies, scalability, speed to market, and customer needs into a customized approach to address our clients’ challenges and help them to achieve and often surpass their goals.

Under the leadership of organizational transformation expert Lisa Hershman, DeNovo is a certified woman-owned business, and has been credited with cultivating organizational turnarounds, using its proprietary Results Focused Management (RFM™) methods. RFM™ takes process techniques to the next level, incorporating strategy, results, metrics, and the ever-elusive how to integrate changes.

What makes us different?

DeNovo is in the business of knowledge transfer. We work closely with our clients, addressing their problems and using our real-world experience to teach them how to implement lasting change.

With traditional consulting, a group of experts will enter an organization, implement new processes, and leave when the contract is over. The organization is left with an unfamiliar process and untested solution. When a new issue arises, the consultants must return to the rescue. The organization becomes an annuity to the consultants, as the knowledge, skills, and tools they have imparted to the organization aren’t fully understood and cannot be maintained without continuing outside help.

At DeNovo, we don’t:

  • 1. Use freshly minted MBAs, long on ideas but short on experience, to guide your business.
  • 2. Use consultants or PhDs who haven’t put into practice what they’ve published or advertised.
  • 3. Use practitioners who fail to appreciate the value of new ways of thinking and working.

DeNovo uses Pracademics™, bringing together a diverse team of experienced practitioners from academia and business to formulate new ideas from concept to delivery. Based on our global research and real-world experience, we coach our clients on how to address their own problems and create strategies to increase efficiency and improve performance. We partner with our clients to help them create a customized set of metrics, tools, and techniques to optimize their processes, and provide them with the guidance they need to put them in charge of implementation.