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The DeNovo Group is recognized as a thought and practice leader in the business transformation space. We have taken the Pracademic™ approach—bringing together academia, business leaders, and practitioners to formulate and advance new ideas from concept to delivery. After all, what good are ideas if you don’t have the ability to implement them for real results?

The DeNovo Group specializes in organizational agility achieved through process redesign, measurement analysis, leadership/organizational development, and implementation of RFM™. Our clients range from executives to implementers to support functions, such as a company’s HR, IT, and finance teams. We offer both public and private educational curricula, special training, customized assessments, and other specialized programs, including:

  • • Public Courses
  • • RFM™ Immersion onsite courses
  • • Customized Training, coaching, and consulting
  • • Executive Coaching
  • • Executive Training
  • • Organization assessments
  • • Design Team Leadership
  • • Chief Transformation Officer Development
  • • Keynote/speaking engagements
  • • PRISM