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Industry Expertise

Our diverse experience across a range of industries and government clients has honed our expertise in the business turnaround and transformation space. Our strategies and techniques have been embraced by a broad group of clients, including the U.S. and foreign governments; the military; pharmaceutical companies; utilities; and food, manufacturing, and retail businesses. And our solutions have yielded a wealth of positive results, including increased innovation pipelines, top-line growth, customer satisfaction, and more efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

Business Turnaround

With business turnaround, organizations attempting to reinvent themselves take existing processes, metrics, and people, and try to apply them to new situations. And results are often disappointing. At DeNovo, we make it a priority to understand our clients’ corporate culture, strengths, weaknesses, and processes to devise a strategy for implementing change. As a result, our techniques have brought about startling transformations, including cost reduction, increased customer loyalty, and the scalability to accept growth smoothly.

Mergers & Aquisitions (M&A)

M&A can be a precarious endeavor, with failure rates reaching as high as 80 percent. In fact, evidence indicates that around half fail to meet financial expectations. Some blame the failures on an unbalanced focus on pre-merger, rather than post-merger, planning. Some link failure to poor employee motivation and the departure of key people. And many underestimate the challenges involved in merging two distinct corporate cultures.

DeNovo’s RFM™ approach addresses these factors, incorporating new strategy and new metrics to achieve desired results. By fully understanding how to redesign the new organization, we succeed in integrating new process, new talent, new management, and new measures of success to redesign a new company culture that results in significant growth.

Enterprise Evaluations

Due diligence prior to M&A or investment almost always relates to financial performance. But what drives those financial results? The work being performed and the manner in which the product or service is delivered. That’s why DeNovo is the supplier of choice for organizations that want to determine the degree of risk and the likelihood of correction before investing time, money, and brand.

Verticle Expertise

Whether you are a nonprofit or for-profit organization, a small business or multinational, in the manufacturing business or service industry, DeNovo has worked in your space. With a wide variety of global benchmarking data, case studies, research, and hands-on experience, we have expertise in:

  • • Government
  • • RFM™ Military
  • • Healthcare Services
  • • Hospitals
  • • Pharmaceutical
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Services
  • • Supply Chain
  • • Distribution
  • • Utilities
  • • Education

It’s one of the most overused and misunderstood words in business. Why? Because most organizations think about innovation only as it pertains to the products or services they deliver. But innovation does not always have to do with a company’s output.

At DeNovo, we teach our clients to think beyond what their product or service has to offer, and to evaluate how that product or service is offered. With our help, our clients learn to look at everything from their corporate culture to their go-to-market strategy, identifying new opportunities to increase efficiency, agility, growth, and customer loyalty.

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