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The Prism Consortium

As the world changes and organizational needs evolve, so must solutions. That’s why the members-only PRISM Consortium exists for select DeNovo clients. An acronym for Pracademic™ Research Innovation and Sustainment Methods, PRISM describes the approach and output of the group. Focused on thought leadership, research, benchmarking, new techniques, and innovative solutions, PRISM gives client members a chance to meet with a trio of professional types (academic leaders, business professionals, and practitioners) to steer the direction of new solutions toward improved organizational performance.

Membership is exclusive and limited. Existing members have first right of refusal for new members who may represent competition. And while our consultant partners may be invited as subject matter experts, DeNovo has a strict, non-solicitation arrangement with them, so members need not worry about being approached for business.

For more information or to complete an application for membership consideration, download the application here and email it to us at The PRISM Consortium is at capacity for the 2013 calendar year, but we are currently accepting applications for 2014 membership.