Results Focused Management™ 101:

Taking Process to New Levels

The J.W. Marriott
Downtown Indianapolis
May 14-15th

Being pressured to innovate in order to grow your organization or keep up with industry changes? If you can’t get to market in a timely fashion, you lose. That’s why agility is key. Learn how to purposefully design the way your organization works in order to achieve the results you desire.

What is Results Focused Management?™

Results Focused Management is a proprietary strategic business management methodology. It incorporates the basics of business process reengineering, combined with the evolutionary concepts of a maturity model as described in Dr. Michael Hammer and Lisa W. Hershman’s book,
Faster Cheaper Better, and enhanced with practical implementation strategies based upon real world research and examples.

In the early 1990’s, MIT professor Dr. Michael Hammer wrote "Reengineering Work: Don't Automate, Obliterate” in the Harvard Business Review asserting that managers need to eliminate work that doesn’t add value, rather than using technology for automating it. He believed that companies often focused on the wrong changes by automating existing processes rather than using technology as an enabler for making non-value added work obsolete.

Hammer's idea was fundamentally simple: Most of the work being done in business and government organizations does not add value for customers and should be eliminated, not accelerated through technology. Instead, companies should focus their entire organizational structure on satisfying customer needs, balanced with the needs of the business.

This concept, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), is different from other tools used in organizational efficiency initiatives, including TQM, Lean and Six Sigma, as it is an end-to-end enterprise approach, in addition to enabling the improvements achieved by traditional tools. Six Sigma and Lean are often oriented towards discreet projects, while modern BPR encompasses an overall management philosophy. Hammer’s principles were further explored in his best-selling work “Reengineering the Corporation,” which was named as one of the 10 best business books of all time.

Hammer and others continued to evolve the concepts of BPR into a methodology now commonly known as Business Process Management, (BPM.) Generally, BPM melds process management and IT solutions into technology-driven tools, including most well-known ERP software. When used correctly, IT solutions not only support existing business functions, but also enable new types of collaboration within and between organizations.

Unfortunately, many of today’s tools and initiatives simply don’t achieve the desired results. Strategic level goals are often delivered by senior management to traditionally organized business units, who use a combination of discrete tools like Six Sigma and Lean, often implemented by inexperienced young MBA consultants or overworked company employees, coupled with technology solutions like SAP. Often, the efforts generate short-term successes in cost savings or customer satisfaction, but languish over the long term.

All too often, months or years and millions of dollars later, the consultants leave, the initiatives wither under the pressure of day to day business demands, and senior executives wonder why their strategic goals are unmet and their customers are unhappy.

Business strategy should be the primary driver of transformational initiatives, using tactical tools as necessary, but governed by strategy's encompassing role. It’s why RFM is a sought after tool by private equity interests, as well as businesses interested in Merger and Acquisition and turnaround activity. It is an area where businesses struggle, and where RFM helps solve problems by virtue of its transformational focus on efficiency, scalability and growth.

Seeking out an accomplished executive who had successfully implemented BPR on a global basis led to Hammer’s collaboration with Lisa Hershman which resulted her co-authorship of his final book, Faster Cheaper Better, and Hershman’s assuming the role as his successor after his untimely passing. The fundamentals of Reengineering the Corporation, the evolving theory of the maturity model described in Hammer and Hershman’s book, and the extensive real world experience of strategic level implementation challenges and successes led to the development of the Results Focused Management concept. For today’s fast-paced business environment, the RFM model provides a management framework which creates the foundation to link strategic level business goals and the tactical methods of implementation in a methodology which lowers costs, drives operational efficiency and increases customer satisfaction.

Hershman’s extensive collaboration with Hammer, her deep knowledge of process gained through practical experience as a senior leader at a Fortune 100 global company, and her much acclaimed presentation style have resulted in a client list that includes a myriad of household names and governmental organizations.

Included Modules:

  • The Industrious Revolution: When Strategy and Tactics Collide
  • Strategic Leadership: Get Results and Reduce the Risks You Control
  • Leveraging Process for Results
  • Talent and Infrastructure
  • Metrics, Analytics, and Finances – Oh My!
  • Implementing & Managing an RFM Organization – Way to Grow!!

Who Should Attend

Results Focused Management™ is designed as an executive education course to meet the needs of senior business leaders by describing a strategic level management framework which aligns operational efficiency needs, the voice of the customer and the voice of the business to drive topline revenue growth, scalability, and customer satisfaction. As such, the curriculum includes material applicable to a variety of stakeholders from senior leaders to tactical level managers and supervisors.

Beginning with an overall strategic framework and progressing to real world implementation strategies in a fast paced, two-day seminar, RFM is meant to give leaders actionable, high value and thought provoking strategies for improvement. RFM serves well as an adjunct to existing tools like Lean, Six Sigma, and other tactical initiatives. Results Focused Management™ is the foundation course for all mastery certificate coursework.

Others who have attended previous sessions include:

  • CEO
  • Chief Operations Officer, SVP, VP, and Director of Operations
  • Chief Financial Officer, EVP, SVP, VP, and Dir. Finance/Accounting
  • Chief Officer, EVP, SVP, VP, and Director of Strategy
  • Chief Officer, EVP, SVP, VP, and Director of Information Technology
  • SVP, VP, Director of Strategy
  • Chief Transformation Officer, SVP, VP
  • Director Business Transformation/Process/Improvement
  • Director of Operational Excellence/Six Sigma
  • Chief Officer, EVP, VP, Dir. of Human Resources/Org. Development

About The Instructor

Lisa W. Hershman, founder of The DeNovo Group™, is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and seasoned business professional. She regularly presents to global audiences, drawing upon her experiences with a client list that includes household names like BMW, Pfizer, PepsiCo, and State Farm Insurance, as well as governmental units, including the U.S. Air Force and Sandia National Labs. Learn more>

Included Modules:

  • The Industrious Revolution: When Strategy and Tactics Collide
  • Strategic Leadership: Get Results and Reduce the Risks You Control
  • Leveraging Process for Results
  • Talent and Infrastructure
  • Metrics, Analytics, and Finances – Oh My!
  • Implementing & Managing an RFM Organization – Way to Grow!!


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