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RFM Certificate RFM 101 Design for Results Design Lab Running the RFM Business Leading the FCB Organization
Design Master
Results Focused Management™ 101 - Taking Process to the Next Level

A two-day overview course that highlights the elements of the Results Focused Management (RFM) approach, including the connections between strategy, growth, customer, process, metrics, and people. This foundational course is required as a first class for all mastery paths (RFM Leadership and Design for Results).

Design For Results

A three-day course that reviews in detail the elements of designing the way your organization should operate and work with results in mind. Specifics surrounding redesign techniques, aligning performance and results metrics, the design/implementation/ governance relationship, the role of the process owner in design, and how to run the business while you are redesigning it.

Design Lab Option

Participants can choose to enroll in an additional day of the Design for Results session. This hands-on session allows the team member to experience what it is like to both lead and contribute in an actual redesign session.

Running the RFM Business

Once the concept of RFM and details of design are understood, the tricky transition to running a Results Focused enterprise is important. Leadership, middle and frontline management, governance, performance measurement, innovation, etc. are discussed in detail. Throughout the 3-day class, practical implementation, transition, and change techniques are shared.

Leading the Faster Cheaper Better Organization

A two-day exploration of how RFM can be leveraged for top line growth, expense reduction and improvement, and obtaining and retaining top talent. Strategy, financials, large-scale implementations (ERP), mergers & acquisitions are all explored through the lens of an RFM organization. Change Management vs. Growth Management is discussed to aid in making a wholesale transition to becoming a transformational organization as well as the examination of governance models.

RFM™ Immersion (onsite only)

The two-day class is a high level, hands on session reviewing the key elements of the RFM approach. Each module is made up of approximately 30-40 minutes of theory and examples, followed by a team workshop. The output of each workshop becomes the input for the subsequent workshop. Can be customized to use an actual organization end-to-end process as the workshop example.

All training classes include case studies as examples of both what to do and what not to do, and an understanding of the strategy through to the practical implementation.

Unless otherwise noted, all courses are offered as a public or private onsite classes, as individual courses or as a mastery program. Onsite courses are customized for the organization, and can be licensed for exclusive use for the organization. Please contact us at for details.

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